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Since 1986, JTM Foods, LLC, has been producing lush pies and other sweet treats out of our 80,000 square feet, nut-free facility located in Erie, Pennsylvania. Our products are sold throughout North America and are sold under the JJ's Bakery brand name. Every one of our 80 full-time employees is committed to the quality and safety of our products, and that pride shows in every product we make.





To make sure we're delivering quality pies and crispys, JJ's Bakery utilizes state of the art equipment to examine each and every item to ensure each and every product meets our strict standards.  In addition, all JJ's Bakery products are made under the Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Institute guidelines. SQF offers one international standard for use by all sectors of the food industry, from primary production to transport. If a pie or sweet treat doesn't pass the test, it doesn't leave our plant.



Julian Code


JJ's Bakery uses the Julian Code to convey the date of
manufacture. To read the code for JJ’s Bakery pies, see
the example below.

Example: 234912

  •  2 represents the year
  •  349 represents the day of the year
  • 12 represents the time stamp

This pie was fresh made on December 15, 2012 at Noon.


To read the code for JJ’s Bakery Marshmallow
Crispys, see the example below.

Example: 23491

  •  2 represents the year
  •  349 represents the day of the year
  •  1 represents the shift it was produced

This crispy was made on the first shift of December 15, 2012.




To ensure the highest standards of product quality, JJ’s Bakery employees have been granted a number of certifications for quality assurance.  Here are just a few:

    Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP)

    Food Defense Coordinator

    Quality Systems Internal Auditing


SQF Certification:

As one of the food safety certification programs recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), our SQF Level 2 certification status ensures your JJ’s Bakery pie or sweet treat is not only delicious, but safe to eat too!

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