Introducing JJ's Bakery "DUOs" Snack Pies

ERIE, PA – JTM Foods, LLC, adds DUOs Snack Pies to its JJ’s Bakery lineup. DUOs are the first single-serve snack pies to offer two flavors of fillings in the same pie, with both flavors delivered in every bite. After consumer testing revealed the potential market popularity for DUOs, JTM Foods made the decision to announce the availability of DUOs for private labeling at PLMA 2015.

Over 20 popular flavor pairings tested

Using JJ’s Bakery approach to classic recipes—with dough and fillings made fresh daily from high-quality ingredients, including real chocolate, vanilla and fruit fillings—JTM Foods asked independent panels to rate two dozen flavor combinations. Emerging at the top the field and, consequently, the first two DUOs released, were Boston Cream (Vanilla & Chocolate) and Strawberries & Cream. Additional DUOs combinations will be released in the coming months.

Consumer tests reveal a high level of product anticipation

Other findings in the consumer testing were, not surprisingly, that 95% of the respondents loved or liked the idea of 2-filling pies, viewing the concept as more innovative than ordinary single serve pies. Many regarded DUOs as an “affordable indulgence,” with 78% indicating a positive purchase intent, and 67% stating that they would buy one or more Duos every week versus single serve pies. Respondents also cited interest in the fact that DUOs’ fillings contain no trans fats and are produced in an SQF level II, kosher parve, nut-free facility.

Thinking inside the box: proven protective packaging

DUOs are available in 12 count and 48 count, in unique packaging developed by JTM Foods to reduce damage to the contents while providing opportunities for attractive displays.

About JTM Foods

Since 1986, JTM Foods, LLC, has been producing lush pies and other sweet treats out of their 80,000 square-foot facility located in Erie, Pennsylvania. Their products are sold throughout North America under the JJ’s Bakery brand name and numerous private label formats. Every one of JTM Foods’ employees is committed to the quality and safety of their products, and pride shows in every product they make.

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