Best Get Better
Best Get Better

Consumer Favorite Top Selling JJ’s Pies Now With MORE FRUIT and RICHER TASTE!

Apple Pie
  • #1 SKU in Category
  • Now with More Apples = +2.3x Higher Definitely Would Purchase Intent than Current
Chocolate Pie
  • #6 Handheld Snack Pie — #1 + Fastest Turning Chocolate
  • Now Richer Chocolatey taste from More High-Quality Cocoa = Preferred +5.6x vs. Current
Cherry Pie
  • #2 Handheld Snack Pie
  • Now with More Cherries = Preferred + 1.8x vs. Current
Peach Pie
  • #10 Handheld Snack Pie — #1 + Fastest Turning Peach
  • Now Improved Peach Taste with (Only) NATURAL Flavors = Preferred 2.3x vs. Current
Lemon Cream Pie
  • #3 Fastest Turning Pie Flavor
  • Consumer Tested Winner with 77% Likely to Purchase ... +15% Higher than the #1 Snack Pie — JJ's Apple

Snack Pies Are a Big Opportunity!

Best Get Better

JJ's is the #1 Snack Pie Brand and Category Leader

  • #1 in $ and Units Sales

  • Growing $ 1.6X the Snack Pie Category Average

  • +63% More Units than the #2 Brand

  • 6 of the Top 10 SKUs of Handheld Single Serve Snack Pies in the Total US Including the #1 SKU Apple and the #2 SKU Cherry

  • JJ’s Snack Pies Are All in the Top 20 Highest Velocity SKUs in the Category
    • Each is the Fastest in Its Flavor

Consumers Trust and Prefer JJ's Snack Pies

  • Taste and Texture Preferred #1 in PSU Sensory Testing

  • Real Fruit Fillings Cooked Fresh Each Batch

  • Fresh Made Dough Daily

  • Certified Kosher Parve and Produced in a Peanut/Tree Nut Free Facility

Tested & Preferred Pies Surpass Current JJ's Best Pies in the Market for Flavor, Filling and Amount of Fruit
Best Get Better
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